Software/Application Development

Software Solutions That Give You a Distinct Market Advantage

With top-flight software you can …
  • make your business more efficient,
  • offer new capabilities and services to customers, and
  • provide better, more timely information on which to base your business decisions.
The software that can best enable you to do all this will be more holistic in nature; that is, it will take into account not only your organization’s internal data systems but also any customer-facing website, extranets, and various marketing factors that play an increasingly critical role in your long-term business success.
We offer that kind of software. And we offer it like no one else.
What separates us from many other software development firms is the breadth and depth of our team’s expertise. Their skills range from standard programming and database development to business analysis, marketing, web design, user interface design, graphic design, copywriting, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and social media marketing. Thus, we’re able to craft the comprehensive strategies and “best-of-breed” software solutions you need to drive business value in today’s economy.
Taking center stage in our software development is the award-winning Cirrus eBusiness Suite Web/Application Framework. This our brainchild, in which to date we’ve invested nearly 75,000 man-hours of R&D time. It allows us to create sophisticated, highly functional business applications quickly and cost-effectively – at a price point that rivals overseas outsourcing (and doesn’t come with overseas outsourcing’s communication headaches, high risk, and typically inferior product).
The software development services we offer include…
Application Conceptualizing, Design, Prototyping From our pool of in-house experts, we hand-pick a team with the skills and experience necessary to create the best software development solution for your business challenges.  Our staff’s industry experience averages more than 25 years. Many of our people have worked for and with some of the top minds in the world of information technology, marketing, and business process innovation – at such Fortune 500 companies as Verizon, WellPoint, Anthem, Intel, Time Warner, Sony, and Toyota, to name a few. Given this experience, we can help you conceptualize and design an effective software solution that achieves the desired results first time out of the gate.
User Interface Design No application, no matter how sound, can be effective if it doesn’t get used. What you need is a great user interface design, one that makes your applications more user-friendly and easier to learn. We’ll provide it. We have years of experience developing intuitive, award-winning user interfaces for software and web applications. Our team has developed everything from straightforward form-based interfaces to advanced interactive interfaces that use such technologies as Flash, Silverlight, JavaScript, AJAX, J-Query, and others – all of which provide an enhanced user experience.
Custom Application Development We specialize in the deployment of Microsoft development environments using Visual Studio, C#, and the Microsoft SQL Server along with our Cirrus eBusiness Suite Web Application Framework. We don’t, however, work in a vacuum. Our team will work closely with your team to fully address the business and functionality requirements determined in the design phase of your project. That will ensure a custom software solution that gets you the results you want.
Our software development team members have extensive Microsoft ASP.NET backgrounds and know it well. That’s why .NET is most often the foundation upon which we build websites, web applications, web services, smart client applications, and more. While .NET custom software may be built in one of a handful of languages, we’ve made C# our standard, as has the industry.
Application Integration This is one of our strong suits. Whether you’re trying to bring your data to the web from an old mainframe application or integrate multiple, disparate data sources, we can work with the most stubborn software applications and get them to share data. Every data integration project we handle takes into account a variety of factors, including fault tolerance, security, data integrity, and performance. No matter what data integration challenge you face, our expert software engineers can help you find the best solution.
Service-Oriented Architecture Planning Are you serious about not just surviving but prospering in our increasingly web-based economy? Then consider letting us help you move away from traditional web application infrastructures to a more-flexible service-oriented architecture (SOA). Companies that migrate to SOA can operate a lot more efficiently, significantly reducing the support costs associated with existing IT systems, reducing dependency on specific vendors, responding quicker to new business opportunities, and better reusing application functionality.
Application Support Cirrus ABS will work with you to support your software applications well after we’ve developed them. Our dedicated support team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to ensure that your mission-critical applications are always up and running. We also provide continuous improvement programs, foundational application framework updates, operating-system compatibility updates, and a host of other services to ensure your long-term success.
To learn more about what differentiates our software development services from those of the pack …