Cirrus CMS

Enterprise-Caliber Content Management

Our award-winning Cirrus eBusiness Suite Web/Application Framework delivers a complete, high-end, enterprise-caliber content management system. That means it provides the advanced capabilities today’s growing businesses need to manage their website and online marketing content effectively.
With Cirrus CMS you’ll find it a breeze to …
  • take information from all kinds of sources, online and off, and push it quickly to the web;
  • get your online data indexed by the search engines and highly visible in no time;
  • make sure your brand message gets in front of more people – through social media, RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds, email, enewsletters, the “blogosphere,” and other such venues;
  • update your message whenever, wherever, and by whomever you want. Cirrus CMS puts you in control. And neither you nor your staff need to be Web experts.
We’ve built Cirrus CMS on standard Microsoft® .Net best practices. Thus, it offers you…
  • near-unlimited scalability across multiple servers for enhanced performance and tolerance to faults;
  • the ability to expand system capabilities as your needs grow;
  • integration with your network-wide IT authentication for single username/password logins; and
  • review-and-approve workflow capabilities to help you manage mission-critical websites.
Here’s something else you’ll like: Our platform keeps evolving as web tools evolve. So we’ll keep you always on the cutting edge of web communication.
Your Cirrus CMS solution gives you everything you need to establish a powerful web presence:
NetCentered Strategy Support Cirrus CMS facilitates NetCentered Marketing with tie-ins to social media, search engines, blogs, RSS feeds, email list management tools, and other systems, taking your site visibility to the next level.
Business Analytics Advanced analytics tools provide valuable ROI data, allowing you to track the performance of your sales and marketing initiatives online and offline.
Management Dashboards Designed for executives and business leaders who want to use the web as a business tool, our dashboards give you a high-level overview of key performance metrics, day in, day out.
Security Multiple layers of security are built into Cirrus CMS, protecting your website and the data it contains from malicious attacks.
Integration Native XML support allows straightforward integration of your site with nearly any internal business system, data feed, web service, or other integration point. You can easily automate business processes and enhance customer service using online data.
Complete Creative Freedom Cirrus CMS facilitates NetCentered Marketing with tie-ins to social media, search engines, blogs, RSS feeds, email list management tools, and other systems, taking your site visibility to the next level.
Digital Asset Management Cirrus CMS lets you organize, manage, and update all of your digital assets – images, videos, PDF documents, and so forth – for every page of your website from one central location.
Standard .NET Code Base Our eBusiness Suite platform for CIrrus CMS is built on standard Microsoft .NET best practices for software development and architecture. We make the full source code available to your and your team, too. Option it, and you can extend eBusiness Suite capabilities farther in pursuit of your goals.
LDAP Integration System users will love not having to remember multiple login usernames and passwords. One username and one password will suffice to give them access anywhere. That’s because our eBusiness Suite integrates Cirrus CMS with your entire network’s authentication scheme.
Modular Business Functionality Wide-ranging application modules offer business-specific functionality far beyond traditional content management solutions—helping you deliver a great customer experience.
Growth Capability The robust architecture of Cirrus CMS supports modular expansion, so, as your business grows and your needs evolve, your website capabilities can grow with you. Our platform is continually updated to reflect the latest technological advances.
Decentralized Website Management Our platform allows you to create an unlimited number of user accounts with varying levels of access. Thus, you can put the communicative power of the web in the hands of multiple subject-matter experts and take full advantage of our NetCentered business strategies.
Review-and-Approve Workflow With Cirrus CMS you can implement a smooth, customized, step-by-step process by which multiple people can review and approve web content before you take it live.
WYSIWYG Content Management Simple “What You See Is What You Get” tools help even those with only basic computer skills and no HTML knowledge manage all site content easily. If you can use Microsoft Word or send an email, you can be a site manager!
If you’d like to know more about putting the power of Cirrus CMS to work for you, contact Cirrus ABS today.