Digital Campaigns

Quick, Personal & Measurable Marketing

As a technology provider, we know how to create the software that facilitates marketing with all kinds of digital devices, including computers, gaming consoles, mobile devices like cell phones, smart phones, and tablets – even digital billboards.

But we’re also a marketing solutions provider. Our team of experienced marketing professionals knows how to develop digital campaigns that use this technology to stunning, customer-converting effect.

We can help you create clever, timely, relevant, and personal …

  • banner ads,
  • SMS and MMS promotions touting new products, services, or events through text messaging,
  • social media ads,
  • email campaigns,
  • web feeds, and
  • campaigns that bring radio, TV, digital outdoor, and print into the mix.

We can also deploy inbound (“pull”) and outbound (“push”) marketing techniques to increase your outreach. Many times, we’ll combine these approaches. We might, for instance, push out an email that includes a banner ad or a link, thus enticing prospects to investigate an offer further, on their own.

You might not realize this, but search engine optimization (SEO) plays a significant role here. Our SEO capabilities ensure that the information you’ve provided online will be found by those seeking it as a result of your digital campaigns. This helps increase activity and bring you more leads.

That said, SEO is just one aspect of digital campaigns that might not be obvious. As with any other kind of effective marketing, you need a campaign strategy. You also need to define your audience and make sure you target the right demographic for each element of your campaign. Beyond that, you need the means to track your digital campaigns, measure the response rate for each method of outreach, and follow up on leads.

We put our technology in the service of our NetCentered philosophy to help you do all of this more efficiently and effectively than you might ever have though possible. Result? You get a better handle on how well your digital campaigns are working. You get a faster way to pinpoint and deal with unforeseen challenges. And you get a more accurate indication of your ROI.

We’d love to talk more with you about digital campaigns. Contact Cirrus ABS. We’ll also show you
more of the advantages our unique combination of creativity, technology, traditional media, and digital
media deliver.