Media Buying

Making the Most of Traditional & Digital Media

Gone are the days when a good marketing plan consisted of placing a series of ads in select magazines and buying a few radio and TV spots. Oh, those venues are still worth pursuing. But savvy marketers today recognize that their media buying must include not only traditional media but digital media as well.

As in any age, if you want to make an impression on people, you need to be where they tend to be. And nowadays people are surfing the web, immersing themselves in social media activities, texting and blogging and enjoying the convenience of their mobile devices pretty much 24/7. Your advertising and promotions need to hit them right where they live.

We’re marketers with our feet planted firmly in both worlds, the traditional and the digital, so our approach to media buying is truly holistic. We understand the importance of advertising in magazines and newspapers, on radio and TV, with outdoor billboards and the like. But we also have the technological experience and insight to help you succeed with web and social media banner ads, pay-per-click advertising, mobile apps, and other forms of outreach unique to our digital age.

We offer a comprehensive range of media buying services, including consultation and strategic planning. We’ll partner with you to help you assess your market and get a handle on what your competitors are doing. Then we’ll customize a media plan just for you. Beyond that, our talented creatives can help you fashion advertising and promotional materials specifically designed to make the most of the media buys you choose.

In short, we’ll bring your media buying into the 21st century. The goal, of course, is to help you improve your marketing ROI and grow your business. Our NetCentered philosophy plays a significant role in this. That’s because it drives traffic in all media back to your website, where response can be measured and leads followed up intelligently.

We’d love to talk with you about your media buying needs. Contact Cirrus ABS, and we'll show you more of the advantages our unique combination of creativity, technology, traditional media, and digital media deliver.