MarketSnare: Capturing Local Opportunity

Getting You Found in Your Local Markets

We designed MarketSnare to help any organization turn its affiliate network into an online marketing powerhouse. In essence, this system lets you control your entire network of marketing websites and local market penetration from one vantage point.
With MarketSnare, you have a complete turnkey solution custom-built to …
  • deliver a powerful and consistent brand message across your entire affiliate network;
  • push new web content and resources to every affiliate with one simple interface;
  • get found in every one of your local and surrounding markets through search-engine optimization;
  • get up, running, and producing results quickly and cost-effectively; and
  • ensure every affiliate’s online success … as well as your own.
MarketSnare enables this by delivering …
  • an easy, affordable way to provide every affiliate with a website that presents your brand and marketing message consistently – to the benefit of your entire organization;
  • professional, world-class website designs – affiliate-specific yet keyed to your branding;
  • search-engine optimization (SEO) for a highly visible localized presence in each of your geographic markets, no matter how vast your organization;
  • social media integration with every affiliate website – giving you even higher online visibility and more ways to engage customers;
  • an easy way to control the level of affiliate website content personalization:
    • You decide how affiliate-customized your content needs to be.
    • You decide how much or how little control over content each affiliate has.
  • a convenient, single-interface that lets you easily push content you’ve created and/or approved to your entire network;
  • the analytic tools you need to measure your web success and see at a glance how each of your websites is performing; and
  • Live, ongoing, U.S.-based support – via phone, email, video, online portals, etc. – at whatever level you and your affiliates require.
Want to learn more about MarketSnare and what it can do to help you capture more of your markets, network-wide? Just contact Cirrus ABS.