Search Engine Visibility

Making Sure Your Business Gets Found Online

It’s not enough to be online. You've got to be seen online. We'll make sure you are. But how do people find you if they don’t know you?

They use a search engine... like Google, or Bing, or Yahoo!

And how does a search engine find you?

It sends out “spiders” to crawl over web pages and index them according to more than 200 criteria – criteria like keyword saturation, uniquely descriptive page titles, and link-backs to your site from other relevant sites.

When someone uses a search engine to hunt down a topic, the search engine sifts through this index and pulls out web pages that match the topic request.

The search engine ranks the pages almost instantaneously and displays them on a “results” page.

You want to be as high in the ranking as possible. Preferably right at the top. (Studies show that people usually don’t bother reading very far down on a search engine list.) You also want your blurb on the search engine results page to be relevant to viewers' needs so it entices them to click through to your website.
Cirrus ABS can help you be a rankings winner.
How? As we’ve been helping hundreds of clients since 1995: through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the process of constructing a website so spiders can find it, decipher what it’s all about, and index it easily.

Our search engine optimization techniques enable you, first, to determine the strongest, most descriptive keywords that define your products, your services, your industry, and any other important facts about you. Then we make sure those keywords and other criteria are used effectively throughout your site to get you noticed.

Of course, to do this, we have to understand your target customers and how they use the web to find what you offer. We’ll work closely with you to gain that understanding, pairing your industry expertise with our Web expertise.

We’ll also work with you to incorporate search engine visibility techniques that go beyond the basics - techniques such as “localization,” target-market saturation, plain-text navigation, and so on.

If you like, we can even introduce you to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), where, in essence, you pay for a listing that increases your search engine visibility.

Want to get found on the Web? Just contact Cirrus ABS.