QA Engineer

Ensuring System Functionality & a Great User Experience

Whatever technology you’re using in pursuit of your business and marketing goals, you need to make sure it meets the functional specifications of each project. That’s what a QA (quality assurance) engineer does. If you don’t have one on staff or you could use some additional QA support, we have the engineers who can provide it.

Our QA engineers will use a range of tools and testing techniques, both manual and automated, to find and address any defects within a system before it’s put to use. In the process, they’ll work closely with your project team, including the software engineers, user interface people, business analyst, and systems architect. The goal here is to fully understand how the system should work in order to prevent or correct problems.

Besides assuring system software functionality, our QA engineers are skilled also in testing for a great user experience. They understand what kind of interfaces best promote it, too. Thus, they can readily flag items that may be confusing or cumbersome for targeted end users.

Nowadays, with the explosive growth of the Internet, people are confronted with a host of different browsers and devices that let them connect to websites and applications. Our QA engineers must test every web application across a range of web browsers and devices to ensure that everything looks and functions as intended.

Rest assured, the help we provide is never intended to supplant your own team members. What we offer are additional skill sets to fill any gaps in your capabilities or give your people an extra hand. However long you retain our services, our QA engineers will work harmoniously with your team to deliver the results you need.

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