Systems Architect

Defining the Core of Your Business Processes

In essence, a systems architect (SA) is the one who sets up the basic structure of the IT system that will serve as the basis for all of your business and marketing processes.

Our systems architects have a deep understanding of the Cirrus eBusiness Suite Web/Application Framework and other technologies. Thus, they can help you take the business objectives and system requirements determined by your business analyst and use them to create a detailed technical design for your overall system.

From there, our systems architect can break down the technical design into manageable chunks of functionality. These chunks will later be divvied up into tasks and sub-tasks that comprise your system development backlog. Backlog items are then prioritized by a project manager and a team of developers who’ll actually create the system so designed.

Rest assured, the help we provide is never intended to supplant your own team members. What we offer are additional skill sets to fill any gaps in your capabilities or give your people an extra hand. However long you retain our services, our systems architects will work harmoniously with your team to deliver the results you need.

For details on all of our marketing and technology solutions, please explore our website. Then contact Cirrus ABS. We’d love to sit down with you and discuss what roles we might play in helping fulfill your business objectives.