Shepherding a start-up from concept through launch
“Your staff has been delightful to work with and has stood out as very detailed and service oriented - always delivering more than promised. You provide an over-the-top offering with quality people. We are thankful to have worked with you and look forward to a very long partnership together.”
- Nicholas G. Ross & Chris Slyby, founders of Polisee, Inc.

Client Profile

Polisee came to Cirrus ABS as a start-up with an idea. Its principals recognized a need for an online portal that would allow insurance agents and their clients to store, access and update information on their life insurance policies.

Polisee sought Cirrus' expertise to create a cloud-based system that benefited agents by providing:
  • Beneficiary changes updates
  • Insurance review and premium reminders
  • Sort fields for urgent contacts
  • Storage for key information about additional policy needs
  • Communication about policy details with key contact points (beneficiaries, trusted advisors)
  • Real-time updates to owners, family, trusted advisors
  • Control by account owner to determine user access
The system needed to benefit the policy-holder as well by providing:
  • Uniformly updated policy details
  • Updates to beneficiaries when changes are made
  • Premium notifications
  • Policy update/review notifications
  • Control over who receives updates

The Cirrus Solution

Cirrus ABS helped Polisee strategize the development of a start-up online business and worked with them to design and develop a complete online policy management system that met the needs of both agents/advisors and policy holders.

Utilized Cirrus' eBusiness Suite framework to develop a system that featured:
  • Role based security with granular permissions
  • User account management
  • Payment transaction capabilities
  • Content management
  • Document management
  • Subscription management

The Results

Cirrus' expertise was instrumental in taking Polisee from concept to reality. The result was a patent-pending system that is changing the way insurance policy information is managed. The system was delivered on time and on budget and has quickly began enrolling customers and generating industry buzz. Plans are underway for the next phases of development and a broader roll-out.