Sanco Industries, Inc

Boosting sales through powerful eCommerce solutions
“Cirrus took the difficult world of the web and made it understandable and manageable. Before we started working with Cirrus, our site looked pretty good but had very little ROI. Now we have a site that looks good and is generating a significant profit.”
- Carrie S., Marketing, Sanco Industries, Inc.

Client Profile

Founded in 1991, Sanco Industries is the country’s leading manufacturer of aquatic chemicals. Its headquarters and
manufacturing facilities are located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and it has warehouse distribution facilities in Houston, Texas
and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Sanco sought help from Cirrus ABS to:
  • Create a more appealing, customer-grabbing website
  • Improve its eCommerce capabilities
  • Increase online visibility through search engine optimization
  • Provide Sanco with an online marketing channel, focused on a user-friendly purchasing experience
  • Promote more of its products, including those other than aquatic chemicals
  • Create a website that helped its customers make knowledgeable decisions about Sanco products

The Cirrus Solution

We began this project by developing a deep understanding of Sanco’s business and forging a solid partnership with them.
  • Worked with the client to develop a comprehensive NetCentered Marketing Strategy
  • Provided a new, custom website site design
  • Re-developed Sanco’s eCommerce capabilities, streamlining the purchase process and providing many new functionalities including wholesale pricing for distributors and real time shipping integration
  • Implemented our eBusiness Suite platform that enabled powerful content management and search engine optimization tool sets
  • Provided...
    1. Strategy development
    2. Custom graphics and animation creation
    3. SEO to increase site visibility, traffic and sales conversion
  • Developed web portals so specific groups of distributors could purchase products based on specific business rules, pricing
    and incentives.

The Results

Cirrus ABS and Sanco have created a strong partnership, developing innovative solutions that flourish year after year. Some of the key improvements they’ve seen include:

increase in website traffic
increase in sales
Improved Efficiency
by automating the ordering process for distributors