Aquatic Chemicals Mfr, Sanco Industries, Launches Cirrus ABS-Developed Website

Dec 15

FORT WAYNE, IN – Sanco Industries, a leading manufacturer of aquatic chemicals for both the commercial and private consumer, recently launched its Cirrus ABS-developed website, The new website uses the Cirrus ABS eBusiness Suite platform, which provides companies with an easy-to-use and economical solution to establishing a significant Web presence.

Cirrus ABS created a NetCentered marketing strategy that helps maintain Sanco’s reputation as the leading provider in its industry. The eBusiness Suite allows Sanco Industries to manage its site easily with no complex technical training required, thanks to the platform’s comprehensive content management tools. The site also gives the retailer a convenient dealer locator so customers can find the nearest location, a powerful e-commerce solution enabling customers to purchase products from the site, and search engine optimization to keep Sanco at the top of search engine results, among many other benefits.

For a complete look at all the eBusiness Suite offers, contact Cirrus ABS.