Cirrus ABS Develops Custom Website for New CO Moving Firm

Mar 29

Fort Wayne, IN – Web design and development firm Cirrus ABS deployed its award-winning eBusiness Suite technology platform to create the just-launched website for Red Mountain Moving Company, a new enterprise operating primarily within Colorado. Besides the technology, Cirrus ABS provided a custom design for the site and customized the content architecture as well. “These features not only strengthen Red Mountain Moving’s Web presence,” says Matt Nickols, Cirrus CEO and founder, “but also allow the mover to expand its site easily as its services evolve and its customer base requires more information.”

Red Mountain Moving is owned and operated by Rowan Hepburn, a 10-year veteran of the moving industry, and Krissy Mutton, daughter of Jim Mutton, whose family has owned and operated Mutton Power Equipment, a Fort Wayne-based retailer of commercial and residential lawncare equipment, for more than 50 years. Jim Mutton is also a partner in Red Mountain Moving. It was he who led Rowan and Krissy to Cirrus ABS, since Cirrus had also developed the website for Mutton Power and Equipment.

With the new website, Red Mountain Moving is looking to build a solid brand identity in the highly competitive markets it serves. It’s based in Boulder but also operates in the Colorado cities of  Lafayette, Broomfield, Eldorado Springs, Fort Collins, and Lyons. As part of the website package, Red Mountain Moving also has a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan and specific Web pages devoted to getting the mover found online in each of these markets. Right now, Red Mountain Moving concentrates on in-state moves only – in order to build its customer base. It can move clients across state lines, though, and plans to do more of this in the near future.

To see what a custom-designed website powered by the eBusiness Suite can do for your business, contact Cirrus ABS.