Cirrus ABS Ranked #1 in 2011 Greater Fort Wayne Book of Lists

Feb 22
Fort Wayne, IN – Web design and development firm Cirrus ABS takes first place in the category of “Largest Web Developers and Designers” in the recently issued Greater Fort Wayne 2011 Book of Lists. The rankings refer solely to the size of the organizations listed. Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly, the publisher, notes that the rankings are not intended to equate size with quality, nor to imply any kind of endorsement on the publisher’s part.
Matt Nickols, Cirrus CEO and founder, nevertheless feels the #1 ranking is indicative of his company’s current strength and continuing growth. “In the last year especially,” he notes, “we’ve introduced some significant Web technology advances, including a whole new line of Web-oriented marketing programs and services. We’ve changed our business model, too. We’re still actively involved in custom website design and development. But we’re also branching out with recurring-revenue products. These are designed to enable smaller businesses and companies of any size with extensive dealer networks to compete on the Web affordably – and effectively.”
Nickols adds that these new products, services, and technological advances are finding wide acceptance. “That,” he says, “makes me confident that Cirrus ABS will continue to expand its staff, its capabilities, and its market reach in the year ahead.”
To learn more about the company and its various Web-oriented marketing and technology platforms, contact Cirrus ABS.