Fort Wayne Social Media Optimization & the “Social Three”

Sep 28

We were pleased to have thirty-eight people join us for our Fort Wayne social media optimization seminar today. Those in attendance ranged from large to small companies and individuals wanting to understand how they could optimize their social media efforts for personal and business use. Businesses and individuals from Fort Wayne and the surrounding area participated.
Many excellent questions were posed to Kevin Mullett, Director of Product Development for Cirrus ABS, regarding social media use in the workplace, social media efficiencies, engagement, measuring social media ROI, to name but a few.
We are proud to bring you slides from the event, filled with 14 powerful social media optimization actions steps your company can get started with immediately. If you enjoyed the seminar, and judging by the exit questionnaires you did, please consider "liking" our Facebook Page and following us on Twitter
To view slides in full screen, with important notes, please see » Fort Wayne Social Media Optimization & the "Social Three" 
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"This seminar opened my eyes to an entirely well rounded way of utilizing SMO to grow my business"
"Kevin provided great tips that will provide increased brand visibility."
"Awesome! Utilizing Social Media now seems possible, doable, useful."
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