Kevin Mullett Discusses SEO and Social Media Live on NIPR's Midday Matters

Jun 14
On Tuesday June 12, Kevin Mullett, Director of Product Development for Cirrus ABS, reprised his frequent roll as a pundit for Fort Wayne NIPR's Midday Matters Tech Tuesday show. Kevin joined hosts Sean Bueter and Susan Burns in welcoming Anthony Juliano, an agency marketing professional, to the conversation. 
As this was a live show, questions were called in and submitted via social media channels on subjects like: password privacy best practices, search engine optimization, social media, more. Anthony and Kevin were able to play off each others vast online marketing experience to not only answer questions, but provide context to the conversation.
Speaker Kevin Mullett on NIPR's Midday Matters"It's not just enough to be number one on Google. It has to solve the problem for the person who is searching." Says Kevin Mullett on Search Engine Optimization. 
Click here to catch the entire June Tech Tuesday podcast via WBOI's archive. 
The password manager service Kevin mentioned on air is Last Pass
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