Newly Launched Armadillo VCI Bore Protectors Website Utilizes Cirrus ABS Technology

Aug 11

Fort Wayne, IN – Web developer Cirrus ABS provided design and development services as well as PayPal™ integration and an actionable, manageable image rotator for the newly launched Armadillo VCI Bore Protectors website,

Armadillo VCI Bore Protectors is a division of Precision Products Group, Inc. (PPG), the parent company of a family of manufacturers that makes precision tube products for various commercial and industrial uses. 

Armadillo itself makes firearm protection tubes. These tubes produce a slow-releasing vapor called a Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. The vapor penetrates even the hardest-to-reach areas of a firearm to form a protective barrier against moisture, salt, oxygen, and other materials that can build up over time. 

With its new website, Armadillo hopes to further solidify its client base and increase sales. 

Besides the enhanced ecommerce capabilities enabled by PayPal™ integration, the site also makes use of the award-winning Cirrus eBusiness Suite. Matt Nickols, Cirrus CEO and founder, says, “This platform – the culmination of our company’s online business and marketing experience – empowers users to manage their Web presence with intuitive ease. If you can send an email or use Microsoft® Word, you’ll have no trouble using our eBusiness Suite to manage your site content.” 

The Cirrus eBusiness Suite also provides social networking integration, a wide range of business-specific applications, and analytics enabling Armadillo to track its Web performance in real time.

The actionable, manageable image rotator is an optional feature that enhances the look and functionality of the Armadillo site by allowing the company to run a “slideshow” of many images. “Fade in/fade out” capability smoothes the transition from one image to another. Armadillo site managers can easily change the images, as desired. And each image is “actionable” in the sense that it can be made a link to something else. 

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