Online Communications Personally & Professionally - CDPI Leadership Institute

Jul 30
Online Comminucations Personally & ProfessionallyAs technology continues to expand into multiple segments of our lives, the challenge is how we use it. Often our mindset is outpaced by the technology we are asked to adopt. This presentation was given for the Career Development Professionals of Indiana Leadership Institute event at Purdue University Calumet and sought to give insight on why career development specialists should embrace newer communication methods.
This session took a look at how social media, the Web, and mobile access are changing how we communicate with each other, personally and professionally. Kevin Mullett explored how we can develop willing social media participants, uncover the value in communication via preferred media channels, and weave social media into our lifestyle.
"Your presentation was informative and entertaining. The comments from participants over dinner were outstanding. You hit it out of the ballpark… once again! I heard comments like, “That was the best presentation I’ve seen on social media!” Thank you again for your time and expertise!" ~ Linda Bateman, M.B.A., M.A.. Director of Career Services Trine University 
 See below for the full presentation.