Online Marketing Speaker Kevin Mullett to be the Featured Guest on #MediaChat

Aug 29
Online Marketing Speaker Kevin MullettKevin Mullett (@kmullett) will be the featured guest August 29th on #MediaChat, a popular hashtag Twitter Chat featuring discussions of social and online media, new apps, and anything media related.

MediaChat starts at 10pm EST every Thursday night and draws marketing professionals and business owners from around the world. Credit is due to Aaron Kilby, who is the founder and host of the chat. On this particular Thursday participants will be enjoying "A Tool-A-Palooza with Uncle Kev." He will also be sharing a bit more information about the upcoming product launch of MarketSnare, which is our new platform for helping businesses manage and localize their brand and marketing across a network of local websites.

Twitter Chat #MediaChat LogoKevin has earned an international reputation as one of the go-to professional for online marketing and social media tools. No, we aren't joking. He may wear the wrong shoes to work, but ask him for an online marketing tool recommendation and odds are he will know several potential options. This can partly be attributed to his online marketing experience, which dates back to the '90s, though his proclivity for researching and testing the latest marketing methods is certainly a contributing factor.

If you have a Twitter account you can join in the social conversation, or just watch and take notes, from here.