Terrain Vehicle Seat Mfr. Launches Website Using Cirrus ABS Program

Jan 25

Fort Wayne, IN – Web design and development firm Cirrus ABS recently helped Terrain Jockey, an Indianapolis manufacturer of suspension seats for terrain vehicles like lawnmowers and tractors, launch its new website, terrainjockey.com.

The site is built on a program created by Cirrus ABS specifically for small business application. Matt Nickols, CEO and founder of Cirrus ABS, says, “We offer various programs for businesses of all sizes. So we understand what smaller companies need to establish a solid Web presence. With our tools and support, Terrain Jockey now has an affordable and highly effective way to promote itself. build sales, and extend its market reach.”

Of primary importance to the new website’s effectiveness is Cirrus ABS’s award-winning eBusiness Suite technology. It enables Terrain Jockey personnel to manage their site’s content – in Nickols’ words – “quickly and easily, using basic computer skills, with no need for extensive or complex training.”

A range of pre-programmed “modules” lets Terrain Jockey freshen content at will. The company can add news articles, products or specifications, charts and other graphic elements, updated copy – whatever it takes to keep the site relevant to its customers and more visible to search engines.

Cirrus ABS also provided a customized template design for terrainjockey.com that gives the site a clean, attractive, remarkably individual look.

Terrain Jockey, in business for nearly a decade, works with its parent company, Foamcraft, Inc., a recognized leader in residential and commercial cushion solutions for  60 years, to provide what it calls “the highest quality terrain vehicle seat the market has ever seen.”

If you’re a small business looking for an affordable way to build a huge Web presence, take a cue from Terrain Jockey and contact Cirrus ABS