Markey's Rental & Staging

Custom website showcases work and gives clients vision

Fort Wayne Web design and development firm Cirrus ABS was employed to design a website for Markey’s Rental & Staging — a nationally-known provider of creative, technical, and management support for corporate theater, live events, and audio visual presentations. Markey’s needed a website that fully captured the breadth and depth of the company’s services, while also addressing the impressive scope of its state-by-state, coast-to-coast operations.

The team at Cirrus ABS worked with Markey’s to showcase its brand with a particular visual flair. First, by equipping the website with a photo gallery and light box tool, Markey’s can keep its impressive portfolio gallery up-to-date with ease.

Another one of the Cirrus eBusiness Suite tools utilized is the Client Portal that helps Markey’s efficiently interface with its clients by enabling easy file sharing, and generating sales leads online. A custom homepage flash image rotator showcases various Markey’s projects.

The services Cirrus ABS provided for this project include:

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