Extranet Development

The Technology to Innovate Your Business Processes

These days, what business couldn’t do without a tweak or two – or three! – to its business processes? The best way to do it, if you’ve been thinking about it for your organization, is to extend your processes to the Internet via client extranet technologies.
Fort Wayne Extranet Solution SpecialistsAn extranet typically is a client portal that’s part of a public website. This portal can be accessed only through a secure login that the site administrator provides clients. As long as an authorized client has Internet access, he or she can enter the portal from anywhere in the world.
Your client portal lets you offer each individual client a wide range of user-specific business information and programs. A good illustration of this is online banking.
Let’s pursue the banking example. Extranet technologies enable us to work with a bank in developing an “online banking functionality” that creates a win/win scenario for the bank and its customers. The bank wins by being able to reduce its cost of doing business significantly. That’s because customers can conduct transactions and access information themselves, online, 24/7. No tellers. No ATMs. No wait. No hassles. Which means customers win, too – big time. They can bank privately and securely at their convenience.
If you’d like to see how our extranet technologies can empower you to work with clients more effectively, efficiently, and profitably, contact Cirrus ABS.