Printer-Friendly Pages Users can always print your Web pages. But with our Printer-Friendly Pages module, you can create a custom page design that still allows users to print any page in an easy-to-read format.
Search-Engine-Friendly Site Map
Embedded Vcards & Microformats Embedded Vcards are a great tool for sharing your contact information quickly and easily. Microformats allow Web browsers to readily identify contact information on a website.
Unified Site-Wide Search This is the best way to direct site users to the page they need when they don’t know where to find what they’re looking for.
Video Highlights Video Highlights are an increasingly effective tool for conveying messages on the Web.
RSS Feeds
RSS Feeds allow users to subscribe to your News, Event Listings, or Blog feeds and receive updates when you post something new.
Video Management
These tools let you embed many types of videos and custom flash applications in your website.
Email List Management Tool Integration With this tool, you can let users sign up on your website for newsletters and other email campaigns. We can program email addresses to integrate automatically with a database or CRM, making it easier for you to manage your email list.
Photo Rotator/Randomizer The Photo Rotator allows you to have multiple images in one place on your site - in the header, for example - and as your page is loaded or refreshed, a different image is randomly displayed each time.
Multi-Lingual Pages 
Sign-Up-Based Downloads Sign-Up-Based Downloads allow you to collect data on the people using your forms and documents.
SEO Tools All of our dynamically editable pages have tools that allow you to easily manage the SEO information yourself.