Page Manager

This module gives you the capability of managing general content pages with virtually unlimited layout and design flexibility. You can even create your own pages.  No more being at the mercy of third-party Web developers or the schedules of others in your organization. No more hassles. No more added expense. If you need a new page, or a new sub-page, you can add it yourself!  On each of these pages, you can upload images, videos, flash, and documents. Plus, you have the tools you need to create links and tables. Not only will the page be added to the navigation and any related sidebars, but it also will be added automatically to the Site Map so search engines can see it’s there.
When pages are added to the navigation, you can control the order in which the pages appear there and in the sidebar...
...and the Site map:
All top-level pages can have sub-pages, allowing you to provide more detail on a particular topic.
Each page created is a fully editable page in which you can embed videos (including YouTube videos), images, PDF documents, tables, and links.
SEO Tools: All pages in the Page Manager have SEO Tools.